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If you are looking for a decent scale and want something that will record the weights in an app on your phone, this is it.  It isn't the cheapest scale out there, but it isn't the most expensive either.

Pros:  Fairly accurate, Iphone and Android App Integration
Cons:  Battery life (see below) 

I have been using this scale now for about 6 months. It seems to give pretty accurate weights compared to the expensive scales I have compared it to in various tournaments. I have had some issues with connectivity through BlueTooth to my Android phone. It turns out that after a system update on the phone, that this issue was resolved.

I really like the Tournament mode option which allows you to track you catches. Simply go to the bottom of the Tournament page and select START. Then every time you weigh a fish it will log it and give you the option to KEEP Á TAG. Then you select a colored/numbered cull tag and put your fish in the live well. When you need to start culling the program tells you which cull to pull. It give you a running count of total fish for the tournament and what your statistics are for your sack. Some of the information tracked are Live Well Weight, Average Weight, Total Catches, Fishes Culled, Culled Weight and Total Weight for the Tournament including culled fish.

The Statistics screen for the app tracks information for all of your fishing history. It includes a map of the places you have fished in addition to the information tracked for individual tournaments. The main Catch Log screen allows you to take a picture and input information about your catch which includes the automatically included Map Location, Air Temp and Weight. You can then manually edit this information and add Weight, Species Length, Released, Bait/Lure, Technique, Water Temp and Comments. If you want you are also able to post the catch to social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from right in the app.

There seems to be a small problem if you don't have good cell service, but it is fixable by turning off the data mode on you phone until you are back in signal.

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