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Paria Thermodown 15 Sleeping Bag

Intro:  This is possibly the warmest 15 degree bag I've slept in.

Pros:  Price ($134.99), Warmth
Cons:  Zipper, Slightly Restrictive (It's a mummy, go figure)

Details:  I bought this bag at the same time as my Bryce 2P Tent.  As a matter of fact, this bag is the reason I bought the tent.  My old cold weather bag has had it.  It made a good run, but after 35 years I'm not sure I can trust it below about 40 degrees anymore.View1

I tested out the Thermodown in my back yard and although the temp only got to about 37 degrees, I was impressed.  I was also unzipping and throwing off the top layer because it was really warm.

Over the past year I have used this bag several times down to about 20 degrees, and can't complain at all about not staying warm.

The fabric is very comfortable and the bag seems to be really well put together.  The bag is 320T Polyester with 28 oz of 600 fill down.  It weighs 2 lb 14 oz.  Just like the other Paria products, they don't skimp on the "includes".  They include not only a compression sack for use on trips, but also a mesh storage bag for when not in use.

View2I really only have two complaints about this bag.  First, it is a little restrictive.  I'm not that broad shouldered, and I find that rolling or turning over in the bag is difficult.  I guess this should be expected though since it is a mummy bag.  The second issue is actully related to the first, kind of.  The function of the zipper seems to be pretty good, until you need to unzip.  Due to the restriction of the shoulder area, it is a little difficult to get the exact leverage or angle to unzip the bag easily.  After a little practice it goes ok, just try to head off any urgent trips to the bathroom.

Overall, this is an excellent value and if I am ever in the need of an upgrade (they now have a Thermodown 0 Degree) or I switch to an underquilt, I will definitely keep Paria high on the list.